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How do I get started?

Very simply.  Just click here, there is a quick start guide located on this page.

Can AR Now help me?

Many answers start with "It Depends". This is one of them. If you are someone who collects funds, fees, rents, or other recurring payments, most likely the answer is yes.  Attorneys, Accountants, Charities, Collection Agencies,  Credit Unions, Dentists, Health Clubs, Herbalife, Insurance Agencies,  ISP's, Rental Management Companies, Utility Companies, and more, can all save money by using AR Now Online instead of credit cards or ACH services. For more information regarding potential savings, click here.  If you accept personal checks as payment for services, chances are AR Now Online can save you time and help your clients "remember" payments that might otherwise end up being late or forgotten.

How much does it cost?

AR Now Online has been priced with you in mind.  Whether you are big or small, cost is a major determining factor in the programs that you choose to use. We firmly believe that you will not find better pricing for a similar product ANYWHERE.  Pricing is located here.
Some things to keep in mind,

How much am I paying for a monthly fee for my current program?
   AR Now monthly charges = $0

What is my discount rate (% charge of transactions)?
   AR Now discount rate = 0%

How much do I pay per transaction with my current method?

   AR Now Transaction rate = .07 - .14 cents.

How much do I pay for checkstock?

   AR Now checkstock cost = Included in Transaction fee!

Who should use AR Now?

Another question we answer with "that depends..."  We highly recommend using AR Now Online for collection of recurring debt that you may be collecting via Credit Card or ACH. Using this method can save substantial funds over a short period of time. 

You can use AR Now Online anywhere you can normally accept a personal check for payment. AR Now Online allows you to take the customers' information over the fax, phone, or even the internet without having to wait for the "check in the mail".  We do strongly recommend that people take the same precautions that are used by a prudent business when accepting personal checks as payment for any goods or services.  AR Now is not a magic bullet and cannot be substituted for good common business sense.

Is there a banking database?

Yes.  There is a banking database that contains over 60,000 banks, complete with ABA numbers, telephone numbers, addresses and more.  In addition, AR Now Online uses the Open source concept to allow all members of the AR Now Online family to contribute to the database.  If the bank you are using for a transaction is not in the database, simply add it.  Now it will be available for all other users of AR Now Online. As all users of AR Now Online continue to add new banks, the banking database should become one of the most up to date and complete database of banks available!

What Equipment is required?

Briefly, a PC, a Printer, an Internet connection and a Mozilla browser.  It's really that simple.  Of course a high speed internet connection will speed your work up considerably.  And the faster the PC you have, the quicker you will get your work done.  Also if you are going to print many checks, you should use a laser printer and a magnetic toner cartridge.

What happens if my computer crashes?

While we will feel sorry for you having trouble with your computer, we will at the same time assure you that your data is just as you last saw it.  Because the software, and the data is located on our servers, if your computer crashes, if your power goes out, if your co-worker spills coffee on your keyboard, you data is safe and will be waiting for you when you get your computer fixed, or when you switch to a different computer.

Is my data backed up?

Yes, servers are backed up hourly.

What if I want to have my data on my hard drive?

You can download your data in xls format any time you like.  You have a choice of downloading your payor table, your payee table, your checks table, and your archive checks tables.  You can use this in your spreadsheet application to create reports, charts, graphs or format to import into other applications.

Can I export data to my accounting program?

We can create custom downloadable files, or even customize to direct export into proprietary accounting systems.  While this can be expensive, if you are handling a large number of transactions, the time saved from double entry can quickly recoup the costs.

Can I import my current AR Now data into the Online version?

Yes.  We do not have it fully automated yet, but you can submit you arnow.mdb file to us and we will import the data into your account for you. (No Charge)

Can I import my QCollect data into AR Now Online?

Yes.  Again we do not have it automated, but you can submit your checks.db file and we can map the data into AR Now online. (No Charge)

Can I use AR Now at my office and at home?

Yes!  You can access your account wherever you have internet access and a Mozilla browser.

You keep mentioning a Mozilla browser, what is it, where do I get it, and how much does it cost?

Mozilla is an open source browser.  Because we believe that the most efficient and most economic approach to business applications is open source, we built AR Now Online to use Mozilla.  You can read more about it and download a copy of it here.  Because it is an open source product, it is FREE.

Can I use Microsoft Internet Explorer?

Yes.... and no.  You can use IE to access the program and to enter and maintain most sections of AR Now Online.  However, you cannot print checks from an IE browser.  This is because of the way IE is set up, you cannot sufficiently control the margin settings so that checks can be placed in the proper location to print accurately enough for bank regulations.

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