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Write Checks

Write Checks - Main working area for adding new checks. Help takes you through creating a check step by step.

Check info

5 entry windows for information specific to this check.


How to find and select (or even edit) existing payors efficiently or add new payors to your list.


How to find and select (or even edit) existing payees efficiently or add new payees to your list.

Signature 3 Signature options to choose from.  Details for each.

Use Register

Register - Area for working with checks created in Write checks.  Here you will perform all maintenance tasks related to the checks themselves.  All of the following functions are initiated by using the check boxes located next to each check. Choose a check or checks, and then select a function. It's that simple.

Edit checks

Shows the edit check page and how to use it.

Archive Checks

Shows how to select and archive checks.

Mark Checks Cleared

Explains how to mark checks as cleared, or if necessary how to "unclear" a cleared check.

Print Checks

How to select checks for printing. (See print preferences for selection of check stock, printers,  and how to set up and postition a new printer.

Archive Cleared Checks

A quick method for archiving all of your cleared checks with the click of a button!

Delete Checks

How to delete a check, or a list of checks.

Copy Check as New

A popular method to create a new check using an existing check as a *template*

Click Savers
What is a click saver?  Follow the link to find out.

Print Preferences

Setup print preferences. Preferences can be saved for future sessions. Choose checkstyles, use positioning to set up a new printer, or select a previously configured printer for use.

Manage Banks

Work with the banking database.  AR Now Online provides a revolutionary new concept for the maintenance of the banking database.  End users, YOU, will be able to add new banks that will be available to everyone for use.  In addition, you can mark a bank that contains erroneous information, make a note of it, and we will research the flagged banks and make appropriate updates.  We have started the database with over 60,000 banks, and with users adding banks virtually everyday, we anticipate this will eventually be one of the most up to date banking databases available.  Read more...

Manage Payors

Manage Payors is a register styled list of your payors. Edit or Delete payors using the multiple select function. Add a new payor or edit a single payor.  Search for specific payors.

Manage Payees

Manage Payees is a register styled list of your payees. Edit or Delete payees using the multiple select function. Add a new payee or edit a single payee.  Search for specific payees.

Archived Register

Archive Register is very similar to the main register.  Here you can mark checks as cleared, delete checks, unarchive them if necessary, and even export selected records.

Micr Font Download

Download MICR Font for your  program - instructions and link here.