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Print Preferences

This is the index page for the Print preferences page. Here you can choose your check style, create a new check style, set up printers and more.
IMPORTANT NOTE: AR Now Online has been designed to be used with Mozilla browsers. You can work in AR Now with MS Explorer, but you CANNOT PRINT CHECKS with Explorer.  Explorer does not honor the proper margin and other settings necessary for accurate printing of checks from the Browser.  We designed AR Now for use with the Mozilla Browser.  So while you can work in AR Now with Explorer and others, we cannot guarantee that things will display or function properly. You can obtain the proper Mozilla Browser at the following location:

Browser Download:  (more info & downloads)
We recommend using the latest version of Firefox. These are full featured browsers available for Windows, Linux, and Mac systems and you may find yourself using them for more than AR Now.  Download and install according to the instructions.

Micr Font Download
Download MICR Font for your  program - instructions and link here.

Also in preparation for proper printing, the Mozilla browser should have its margins set properly.  To do this, first open File > Page Setup as shown below left.  Then click on the Margins & Header/Footer as shown below right.  Make sure the settings on your browser match those shown below. (all margins = 0 and all headers / footers set to "none").

Page Setup  Mozilla Margins

     The Print Preferences  is the main area for choosing or creating a check style, setting up printers, getting your browser and printer zeroed, add a printer or select from existing printers.  AR Now online which was created by Perusion using Interchange, has a unique check template creation tool. There are preset templates that take care of the work for you when you are using checkstock supplied by us, and we believe that our check stock offers the best value out there.

Below is a screen shot with specific operation areas labeled with numbers.  The corresponding explanations for each area are listed below.

Print Preferences

The Print preferences page is really quite simple.  You can pick a check style to match the checkstock you are using.  You can select a printer that you have set up previously, or you can set a printer up to work with the program.  Before you can use a printer, you must set it up.  We will address the numbered items on the page shown above next.

  1. Select Check Style - Here you can select what type of checkstock you are using, and whether or not you would like to have the 1 ups printed with vouchers.  Most of the existing AR Now customers will be familiar with the checkstock choices,  1 ups in Green, Blue, and Executive, and 3 ups in Blue.  The 1 ups can print with or without vouchers.  The vouchers will include the standard check at the top of the page, a non negotiable copy of the check in the 2nd position, and a mailer receipt in the 3rd position that has been pre-formatted to work with most invoice window envelopes.  Once you select a style, it will be saved in your preferences and you will not have to select it again,  unless you want to use a different style.

  2. Your Current Style - The current style in your preferences will be displayed here.  In the example,  the Blue 3 up check has been selected and is the current style that will be printed.

  3. Select / Delete a Printer - Here is where you will select the printer that you want to use to print checks.  Before you can select a printer, you will have to set one up.  That process is described here.  Once you have one or more printers in your selection you select one by simply selecting it from the dropdown, then click on the button.  Your printer will then be saved in your preferences, and you will not have to select it again,  unless you want to use a different printer.  To delete a printer, simply selecting it from the dropdown, then click on the button. This will remove the printer from your selection list.  You can always set up as many printers as you need.

  4. Your Current Printer - The current printer in your preferences will be displayed here.  In the example,  the  HP Deskjet 960 check has been selected and is the current printer that will be used.

  5. Position Printer - This is a link  to the page shown below.  Here you will position the program relative to your individual printer.  Because everyone has a different set up, we have to enter adjustments to the program in order to print the checks in the proper location. The way we accomplish this is by printing a scale on the paper, and then folding the paper to see where on the scale your printer is printing.  We have put a simulated fold on the display of the page below, to illustrate how to adjust  to the fold.  The example fold crosses the horizontal (left) margin line at approximately  -.5, and crosses the vertical (top) margin line at approximately  -.45.  So in this case we would click the Adjust Left margin tenths button 5 times until -.5 was in the window. Then we would click the Adjust Top Margin tenths button 4 times, and the Adjust Top Margin hundredths button 5 times until -.45 was in the window. Once we have the proper numbers in the window, we click on the Adjust Button.  Then click the Print button to test your adjustments.  Once you have the adjustment correct, click on the Print Preferences link to return to the print preference page.  ADDITIONAL INFO:  The Reset Button simply resets the numbers in the boxes.  The Zero button will RESET the current adjustment that has been entered using the Adjust Button.  The Current Adjustment is cumulative.  For example if you set it to -.5 and -.2 and then printed and found out you did not move it quite enough, the next time you could adjust by a small amount, click the Adjust  button and the amount would be ADDED to the existing Current Adjustment. The long and short of it is, make sure you have the adjustment correct before you go back to the Print Preference page to name the printer.

Postion Printer

  1. Name and Add your printer - After you have established the offsets for the printer you will be using (step 5) all that is left is to associate a name with the printer.  Just type a name into the text window, and click on the button. Just use a name that is familiar for you, and simple. In the example we have used HP Deskjet 960, to reflect a Hewlett Packard Deskjet 960 model. You can use whatever you like. Finally, go back up the your select Printer list, and select the printer you have added.