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MICR Fonts

This is the micrfont page for the Print preferences page. Here you can download and learn how to install your MICR Font.

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     In order to print checks, you need a special font to print the MICR line, which is located at the bottom of the check. MICR or Magnetic Ink Character Recognition is the format that the banks use to automatically read your check information.  Although many banks now use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) techniques, to be completely correct you should use the magnetic toner for your printer.  Many banks will accept checks printed even from an Ink jet printer, but may charge you additionally for having to use a different procedure to read the checks.

On to the business of downloading and installing your MICR Font.  AR Now Online is an application built from the ground up with the open source program Interchange. It is hosted on a Linux server, and uses a Postgres database. We believe strongly in open source applications and as such chose to use a MICR font  that was released under the GPL (General Public License)  And while we are not distributing the font in an application, we are sending it out for you to use freely, so we would like to give proper credit to Eric Sandeen whose hard work created this font.  Information regarding the GPL licensing for the font can be seen here.

Downloading the MICR Font

  1. Click here to download the GNUMicr font file. Note: Linux users click here to download zip file. 

  2. The file is a self executable zip file, so once you have downloaded, just double click on the file.

  3. The file will create a directory, c:/ARNOW_fonts on your hard drive and place the True Type Font file -  GNUmicr.ttf in that folder.

  4. Follow the directions below to install the font to your system. 

Installing TrueType Fonts into the Fonts Folder

Windows XP

  1. From the "Start" menu select "Control Panel" and then select the "Appearance and Themes" category. 

  2. Select "Fonts" from the "See Also" panel at the left of this screen. 

  3. On the "File" menu, select "Install New Font..."

  4. Click the drive and folder (c:/ARNOW_fonts) that contain the fonts you want to add. 

  5. To select more than one font to add, press and hold down the CTRL key, click the fonts you want, then click on "OK"


Windows 95/98/2000 or NT4

  1. Open the Windows Control Panel

  2. Double click on the "Fonts" icon in the Control Panel
    (a new window should open and you should see all the installed fonts on your system) 

  3. Click on the "File" menu and select "Install New Fonts"
    (a new window "Add Fonts" should pop up) 

  4. Locate the folder on your hard drive containing the fonts (c:/ARNOW_fonts) 

  5. Double Click on the font file (GNUmicr.ttf) you wish to install and click on the "OK" button


  1. Linux font installation is a little more complex than for windows, here are a couple of links to detailed instructions for font installation on Linux:


MICR Font Downloads
Self Extracting GNUmicr file (Windows)

GNUmicr Zip file (Linux / Windows)